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DOs and DON'Ts For managers


  • DO get and keep signed copies of your team’s WMHA Hockey roster in your team book. The original needs to be submitted to the WMHA Registrar.
  • DO make sure every parent has name, address, phone and email information for every other parent and all coaches.
  • DO decide who will do uniforms, media reports, handle split-ice and referee money, run clocks, and monitor team room behavior and pick-up. Make sure folks know who these individuals are, and who will be a back-up if someone is going to be absent at a game.
  • DO find and choose travel tournament options as early in the season as possible. Find Volunteers for fundraising and organizing team meals on the road.
  • DO communicate with parents to keep them on the same page.
  • DO have Christmas team functions.
  • DO decide how you, coaches, and parents want to run your team. A good workable method is to have Coaches operate all on-ice activities, and Team Managers operate all off-ice activities, with daily “changeover” occurring in the presence of players in the dressing room before and after practices or games. Get input from all parents and coaches for important decisions (I use survey sheets and keep them until the end of the season). Settle into a routine and stick with it judiciously, and let parents know what is being decided and why.


  • DON'T interfere with on-ice activities; let coaches coach. Most coaches are happy to let Team Managers handle administrative details.
  • DON'T address disciplinary matters without talking with coaches first.
  • DON'T allow parents or visitors into team rooms unless coaches declare the room is ‘open’. Some teams adopt rules to exclude non-hockey visitors other than family members, even at practices.
  • DON'T let problems that come to your attention go un-addressed. Our hockey season is long, and there will be ups and downs. Keep things in perspective and don’t be afraid to consult with outsiders.
  • DON'T make demands on parents that they are unable or unwilling to meet. Expectations from, and willingness to contribute to, the hockey experience; as well as resources vary from family to family. Consider these and reach a consensus when delegating volunteer jobs, selecting tournaments, buying team jackets or other gear, or scheduling independent games.
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